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DISCLAIMER: Being a Kingdom Hearts freak, keyblades are a must.
I dont own them.

The Arcturians are a race of Keyblade wielders born at the dawn of time. Each commanding an element, alone an Arcturian is a force to be reckoned with.

Each Keyblade wielded by an Arcturian is a variant of a known Keyblade (an example is Oblivion's End). Every one of them reflects the wielder. The Arcturian Keyblades also have a rare ability. One out of every three hundred Arcturians have the ability to split thier blade into more. Only one Arcturian is seen able.

The most well known of the Arcturians is the infamous Order of Arkwind. Comprised of seven of the first Arcturians, The Order is by far the most powerful. Regarded as deities, but hating being called gods, the Order exists to righten the balance of power. Though powerful, they can be killed.

((Essentially, Arcturians are like the Jedi))

Arcturians never age. The age they appear at is it. This leads to people underestimating them. Arcturians can choose to change thier age appearance if they want to, but most dont care.

There are only seven Arcturians known:

The Order of Arkwind:

Jacob X, the leader of the Order of Arkwind.
Isabella "Izzy" Archer, Second-in-Command
Elyssa Heart.
Alyssa Heart.
Soren Gale.

Arcturians are known to posses a massive fleet of space capital ships. The mightiest of them, the Oathkeeper, was rumored to scare even Chernabog away.

The Arcturians disappeared shortly before Xehanort appeared, and rumors say he had a hand in it.

Nothing is confirmed.

Arcturian society:

The Arcturians use democracy, having a unanimous vote on everything. They elect a leader every year. The last leader was a girl named Ellie Hunter, wielder of the Kingdom Keeper. An exceptional warrior (though her desired love was questioned), Ellie lead the Arcturians through thier worst year as evil grew.

The Arcturians are peacekeepers. They defend the weak, mend the broken. An Arcturian usually shows up to help with disasters. Most Arcturians avoid the de Mortis homeworld and thier longtime rival, Bane.

Thier hierarchy is simple:


The General changes when the leader changes.

So far, Jacob X, the Arcturian's last General, is one of the few people in the universe to fight Bane de Mortis and survive

Honorable Arcturians; those deemed worthy of being called an Arcturian are given thier own Arcturian amulet, stamped with the wearer's symbol.

Strix Erica de Mortis (the Order)
Xi de Mortis (the Order)
Seraphim Hunter

The Order's goal is to find the missing Arcturians and keep the balance of power equal.

((reposted in correct area by me. original post by The Oathkeeper))
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